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Arasta, responsive Joomla & MijoShop theme

Written by Denis Dulici on Tuesday, 24 September 2013. Posted in MijoShop, OptimumTheme, News, Coupons, Templates . Hits: 18393

Arasta, responsive Joomla & MijoShop theme

I'm happy to announce the new responsive Joomla template for MijoShop, Arasta, from the OptimumTheme template company. Arasta is a flat, modern and minimal Joomla! template exclusively designed for MijoShop, the leading Joomla Shopping Cart.

mijoshop-arasta-1 mijoshop-arasta-2 mijoshop-arasta-3 mijoshop-arasta-4 

Arasta Theme is featured with MijoShop, the best and leading e-commerce shopping component for Joomla!. You will be provided high-quality e-commerce solution with Arasta Theme + MijoShop.

OptimumTheme is a template company located in Istanbul, same as us, and we talk face to face with them frequently. They have been using MijoShop since the beginning for their customers and are very familiar with it's workflow.

There are 5 different color variations into Arasta theme: default-turquoise, blue, orange, red and dark. If those colors are not enough for you, you can easily customize your template by Theme Magic feature and without any coding you can change background colors, margin spacing, title colors etc...

Key Features

  • Fully Responsive
  • Easy to install
  • Natively compatible with Joomla 2.5 and 3.x
  • Extended styles for MijoShop, EasyBlog, JomSocial and K2
  • SEO friendly codes
  • 5 major color variations
  • ThemeMagic for different colors
  • T3 Framework
  • Mega Menu
  • HTML5, LESS and Bootstrap

Details & Download:

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Your comments are welcome!

About the Author

Denis Dulici

Denis Dulici

Denis joined the World Wide Web in 2006 with SMF forum and continued with Joomla and WordPress. Due to his education, his all job was to write and maintain code. His professional field is PHP & MySQL but due to his job & education he also masters XML, Java and C# languages.

Denis is a citizen of Albania, bachelor of Marmara University Technology Engineering, Senior PHP Developer, founder of Miwisoft, married and father of a teenyweeny girl.



amaral webdesigner
#1 amaral webdesigner 2013-09-25 01:17
Unfortunately, when it goes to product details, appears the great problem of the Default OpenCart - ie is not responsive .. This theme is responsive it on the home page-but when it shows the OpenCart inside Mijoshop, there appears the problem - is not responsive.

Denis, how about you guys the Mijosoft Transforming the default theme in Cart Opem responsive. All users of Mijoshop we would be very grateful.
no name
#2 no name 2013-09-25 07:13
@ amaral webdesigner
yes i agree with you, the main problem for mijoshop for now.
it is not responsive 100%.
but in other way it is very very very good job.
great theme. ;-)
amaral webdesigner
#3 amaral webdesigner 2013-09-25 13:30
You're right it is a big topic yes. Beautiful and functional. Hopefully more themes to be launched Mijoshop. We hope that other clubs do the same. We need many more topics to Mijoshop.

But also, we hope this issue of the Default theme of OpenCart is corrected. Today everyone wants themes responsive. This greatly hinders mijoshop
Mark R
#4 Mark R 2013-09-27 00:17
Hi, yes template is not responsive, i have tested on mobile emulators- maybe you should have a look at shape5 or rockettheme, etc to see a responsive template in action. Hope you do a new one soon, i need one for a project !
#5 dave 2013-09-28 17:55
Hi Denis,

we need the mijoshop to be responsive like rockettheme.

Please let me know how soon it'll be responsive.

Denis Dulici
+1 #6 Denis Dulici 2013-09-28 20:07
Responsive feature is offered by themes, here you can already find some:

Arasta will also add responsive feature for MijoShop pages soon.
amaral webdesigner
#7 amaral webdesigner 2013-09-28 21:49
Denis, your team is very competent. Is it possible you guys make the default theme that is in Open Cartt Mijoshop in responsive?
Simon Wells
#8 Simon Wells 2013-10-09 10:33
I have created a responsive version for my client based on the default theme and will be looking to release a version in the coming months.
Robert Stark
#9 Robert Stark 2013-12-09 13:41
I made a responsive site based on Zurb Foundation + Mijoshop:

The problem I see is that each e-commerce site has different needs - product photos will be different sizes. So - trying to develop an all encompassing theme seems to be counter-intuiti ve. However, I have 2 more e-commerce sites to build.

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