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Get your eCommerce website up in 7 days

Written by Denis Dulici on Friday, 21 December 2012. Posted in Miwisoft, MijoShop . Hits: 19258

Get your eCommerce website up in 7 days
Here we are with another venture from Mijosoft team. After the success of being one of the most popular eCommerce extensions for Joomla in just 4 months, we wanted to spread the usage of MijoShop and just then GWS-Group came to us with a brilliant idea and offer.

The idea is to get up a full eCommerce website just in 7 days. After a long discussion with Leo, the founder of GWS-Group, we (Mijosoft & GWS) started the hard work to make this service available for 20/12/2012 and hapily released it yesterday.

GWS-Group is founded in 2004 by Leo Lammerink, a Dutch national who is also know for his superb support as "leolam" on the Joomla  Forums. Comprised of 14 professionally trained developers, engineers and web designers, GWS-Group has thus far designed, built and maintained over 1,176 Joomla driven websites. The GWS-Group Support and Services Division with 16 high skilled technical engineers published over 60 Joomla Tutorials and support ongoing 7,000 customers and have provided help and support for over 27,000 technical cases resolving issues for their clients. Support is available 24/7 in all timezones in the world from their Regional Centers of Excellence and Customer Service Centers in Netherlands, Canada, Singapore and Bali.

GWS-Group is using our shop component since we were in the old company and has also started MijoShop Specialized support some time ago so they are very familiar with the workflow of MijoShop.

The websites will be built by GWS-Group and Mijosoft will be monitoring and assisting them for any technical issue. GWS-Group offers "Ready to Roll" websites for other sections than eCommerce too but we as Mijosoft are responsible of the eCommerce part only.

Releasing an eCommerce website just in 7 days is something never been presented to potential Joomla! website owners in the history of the existence of this powerful CMS and we are very excited to be a part of this.

We encourage all of our members to check the details and join such a great venture.


About the Author

Denis Dulici

Denis Dulici

Denis joined the World Wide Web in 2006 with SMF forum and continued with Joomla and WordPress. Due to his education, his all job was to write and maintain code. His professional field is PHP & MySQL but due to his job & education he also masters XML, Java and C# languages.

Denis is a citizen of Albania, bachelor of Marmara University Technology Engineering, Senior PHP Developer, founder of Miwisoft, married and father of a teenyweeny girl.


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