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MijoAnalytics 1.1 is out

Written by Denis Dulici on Saturday, 22 September 2012. Posted in MijoAnalytics, Releases . Hits: 6276

MijoAnalytics 1.1 is out

I'm proud to announce a new version of the excellent Joomla Site Analytics component, MijoAnalytics. This release includes 3 really amazing new features; Front-end Monitoring, Joomla plugin as tracker and MijoShop integration for e-Commerce tracking.

Front-end Plugin MijoShop integration 

As we made before with MijoShop, now you can manage/monitor your analytics from the front-end of your site.

The other great feature is the trigger system that also brings a tracking plugin for Joomla sites. Now you should just install the plugin and enter your site ID and main site URL to track any site, no need to copy/paste any code to your template.

And the final feature is the fabulous MijoShop integration. As you can see from the 3rd image above, you can even see the order/transaction details directly from MijoAnalytics.

What is new in MijoAnalytics 1.1

  • # : Secondary dimension & Filters not working in back-end
  • + : Joomla plugin for site tracker
  • + : Monitor analytics from front-end
  • + : Trigger system for integration with other 3rd party components
  • + : MijoShop integration for e-Commerce tracking
Get it Now:

Very soon you'll be able to download new plugins for MijoAnalytics that make the integration with other e-commerce components such as HikaShop, redShop, Akeeba Subscriptions etc. for free.

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Denis Dulici

Denis Dulici

Denis joined the World Wide Web in 2006 with SMF forum and continued with Joomla and WordPress. Due to his education, his all job was to write and maintain code. His professional field is PHP & MySQL but due to his job & education he also masters XML, Java and C# languages.

Denis is a citizen of Albania, bachelor of Marmara University Technology Engineering, Senior PHP Developer, founder of Miwisoft, married and father of a teenyweeny girl.


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