MiwoVideosShare Your Videos

Introducing, MiwoVideos: The revolutionary video sharing plugin for WordPress. MiwoVideos allows you to turn your site into a professional looking video-sharing website with user-interface and features similar to YouTube. Frames preview, custom fields, multi-channel, playlists, responsive design, template overrides and drag & drop video uploading are some of the great features that MiwoVideos ships with.

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  • Native HTML5 player, mobile ready
  • Drag & Drop and remote video upload
  • Frames preview for local videos
  • User channels and multi-channel support
  • Video and playlist like/dislike voting
  • Playlist embedded into the player
  • Multi-category support
  • Custom fields for videos and channels
  • Native multi-language support
  • Responsive design
  • Easy-to-use interface inspired by YouTube
  • Front-end management for user and admin
  • Social media sharing (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Email)
  • Extensive ACL (permissions) support
  • Migration from WordPress Video, Cool Video and more
  • Comments and Disqus integration
  • Search integration
  • SEF URLs and SEO (Metadata)


Back-end: Control Panel
Back-end: Configuration
Back-end: Channels
Back-end: Videos
Back-end: Upload
Back-end: Upgrade
Front-end: Admin Dashboard
Front-end: User Dashboard
Front-end: Channel Management
Front-end: Video Management
Front-end: Video Edit
Front-end: Drag & Drop Upload
Front-end: Remote Upload
Front-end: Categories
Front-end: Videos In Category
Front-end: Channels
Front-end: Videos In Channel
Front-end: Playlists
Front-end: Playing Playlist
Front-end: Playing Video


  • Pro 6
  • $49
  • High
  • 6 Months
  • Pro 12
  • $89
  • High
  • 12 Months
  • Pro 24
  • $139
  • High
  • 24 Months
  • Pro ∞
  • $399
  • High
  • Lifetime